Help the coin

Thanks so much for looking around and about the coin, Remember I do everything from my own pocket, I have no major steak in my own coin, I do not pump and dump my own coin to manipulate the market,

What I need the most is your time, I would love you to tell people about this coin and help me promote this coin that is made for you.

Feel free to start your own Squallcoin project, Help with supplying a node to the network or any other way you can, This coin has huge potential.

Even a small donation to help me cover the costs of servers would be a huge deal to me.

BTC: 18mDxwuYi4TeGgToCoRovXUqEJTkTcyhGv


If you have any space to ad a banner add to your site to help promote the coin, below are two banner sizes in gif format, I thank you in advance.

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