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Thank you for visiting the official site for squallcoin, This coin is made for you with no IPO/ICO.Let my tell you a bit about why this coin exists.I was very early into the bitcoin community, It was something I could really get excited about, Was it the price? Not really, Was it the prospect of making money? well, it would be nice but that was not it.

It was the fact that it was the only thing I could own that could not be taken away by law, This was classed as intellectual property, bit coin is not a currency, nor a commodity in my view. And then I seen the release of litecoin, This blew my mind, Another digital coin? can this be possible? will it take off? But that was just the start, many of you will know what happened next, There was a stream of new coins coming out, with lots of fancy letters in their spec.I bought into some, and every single coin either died out or was a scam, this is what I discovered.

Either coins has far to many, meaning that over time the value WILL go down not up! dont be fooled into large volume coins! IPO/ICO just means the dev is selling a proportion of ALL READY ALLOCATED COINS! Many people cant see a problem, but this generated a saying I still use today “how will giving money to dev’s make you rich?”So I wanted a coin that I KNOW was legitimate, So here I am with my own coin, Funded completely by me, and built up with a few believers (thank you) There was no pre-mine! no selling off proportions of my coin!My aim is not to make all other coins look bad, but to educate you on what is good, and what is hipe.
This coin has all ready seen out over 100 other coins, and I will continue to support this project as long as there is at least one person who believes in what I do.Thanks for reading, I hope you can grab a few just to sit on and see where we go in the future.